The Plan focuses on life transformation.  It will consist of spiritual and physical components.  This intentional focus impacts our emotions too.  The physical component will be something we can all accomplish without being strenuous. 

If you are unable to do the physical, please don’t let it keep you from following it.  If you miss a day, just start fresh with the current day. 

These are the things needed for the next 40 days.  You will need a Bible, purchase a journal or use the one from Lent, the Grow Scripture Reading Plan and heart focused on Jesus. 

The Plan:

  1. Come with a prayerful spirit with your Bible, Grow Scripture Reading Plan (further down on this page). Pray the Holy Spirit illumines the wisdom of the Father and reveals Jesus to you.  Prayerful ask the Holy Spirit to move all obstacles keeping you from being aware of his presence.    
  2. Read the Grow Scripture Reading Plan. Utilize the GEAR method of scripture study. Journal the answers.
    1. G—God’s Word. Write a verse or a series of verses that God emphasized while you read.
    2. E—Examine God’s Word. What is the Holy Spirit revealing to you about the text?  What do you observe about it?  Are there repetitive words, phrases, etc.? Did it raise any questions?  What does God say about himself?
    3. A—Application. How does it apply to your life?  What are you going to do with it?  Where is the Holy Spirit moving you in transformation? What is God saying about you?
    4. R—Resolve. How will you resolve to live this out in your life?  What is the plan to put it into action?  How do you apply this to your life?
  3. Do the Weekly exercise each day.


Rise up, spring into action. Let’s keep our LentFit momentum as we celebrate the Eastertide. 


Week 1:

10 inside-outsides—pick one day to at various times throughout the day purposefully get up, walk outside or to a window, take a few deep breaths then go back inside.


Week 2:

Perform 5 minutes of continuous motion. Examples could be walking, chair get-ups, broomstick presses, jumping jacks, alternate leg raises, farmer carry, arm rolls, push-ups against furniture.


Week 3:

Perform 100 step-ups or step-overs. Choose a suitable platform, step up onto the platform with 1 foot then the other then return to floor–this is 1 step-up. Alternatively, place an object on the floor and step over the object with 1 foot then the other–this is 1 step-over.


Week 4:

Six-lap walk—invent your own “track” the distance of your choice, walk the first lap forward, the second lap backward, and alternate forward and backward for laps 3-6.


Week 5:

10-minute carry—place any object in each hand and hold it unsupported for a total of 10 minutes (ok to take breaks off the clock)


Week 6:

Balance on each foot for 3 minutes (clock stops when both feet are on ground—ok to use support such as tapping your hand against furniture or holding a support stick). Extra credit if you lift your alternate knee or leg off the ground while balancing on the one foot.


Week 7:

Move it move it—place an object on a counter or floor, start a running clock timed for 7 minutes, pick up the object, carry it to another counter or floor space any distance away and drop/place down, rest as needed while still on the clock, pick up the same object and carry it to the original location, back and forth repeat for the 7 minutes.


Week 8:

In the shortest amount of time that tests you but is still comfortable perform the following routine:

  • 10 standing or sitting toe raises (ok to support yourself against furniture)
  • 10 chair get-ups (start sitting in chair, put your feet firmly on ground, get up to standing position, then sit back down equals 1 chair get-up—ok to use support)
  • 10 pulling-up-the-hoses (pretend you are pulling the hose in from the yard
  • 10 raise-the-roofs (bent arms by your side with open hands near ears and raise both arms up to sky then back to by your side)
  • 10 high knee or march steps (walk forwards and with each step for 10 steps raise your knee or entire leg as high as possible)
  • 10 seconds ab-tights (tighten your abdominal muscles and hold for a total of 10 seconds)
  • 10 blow-a-kisses with each hand