As we are continuing to monitor the incoming weather with Hurricane Ian, we have a few updates that we wanted to make you aware of. Please see the list below with these updates.

  • Church Office closed Wednesday. In order to effectively prepare for the inclement weather, our church staff will be on campus to help prepare for the storm; however, our church office will be closed.
  • Wednesday Night Activities cancelled. We are expecting weather bands to hit us as early as 5:00pm Wednesday; therefore, all Wednesday night activities are cancelled.
  • Church Office closed Thursday and Friday. In order for our staff to remain safe through Hurricane Ian, we are closing the church office Thursday and Friday.
  • Preschool closed Wednesday at 1pm. Our preschool will be closing at 1:00pm on Wednesday and will not reopen until Monday morning. The preschool is basing this off the Duval Co. Schools closures. Please reach out to Lisa, our Preschool Director, if you have any questions.
  • Charge Conference rescheduled. As of right now, our Charge Conference will be Sunday, October 2, at 1:45pm at Faith UMC. Please refer to this website for any other changes that may occur.
  • Phone System up and running. Our phone system is back up and running, however, please continue to bear with us as we are still working out the bugs. In the meantime, please use the extension list below.

Phone Extensions

  • Don Thompson, Senior Pastor // Ext. 1001
  • Eric Williams, Associate Pastor // Ext. 1002
  • Brenda Spargo, Worship Associate // Ext.1003
  • Tamra Smith, Office Administrator // Ext. 1004
  • Terri VonBalson, Accountant // Ext. 1005
  • Marc Winant, Facilities Manager // Ext. 1006
  • Jenna Moat, Connect and Events // Ext.1007
  • Bill Shuck, Minister of Visitation // Ext. 1008
  • Volunteer Desk // Ext. 1009
  • Bethany Coleman, Children’s Director // Ext. 1010
  • Cami Foster, Youth Director // Ext. 1011

Join us in praying for Lakewood and the surrounding areas, and please let us know if you need anything.