Small Groups

We’re launching a new Groups ministry at Lakewood in September and we want you to be a part of it. We hope the details below will provide some basic information and answer some frequently asked questions about groups.

Each week groups will focus on four areas
1) fellowship
2) devotions
3) prayer
4) service

When and where will groups meet? Groups will meet Wednesday nights at Lakewood from 6:10-7:25pm.
What type of Groups are there? We offer many types of Group experiences at Lakewood that allow persons to find the best starting point. To describe these different types, we use the analogy of Steps.

What about dinner? Dinner will be served on Wednesday nights from 5:15-6 pm in the CAC Gym, just as in the past. If you can’t make dinner by 6, we can also arrange for a box dinner for you to enjoy during your group meeting. Contact Ron Soberay at [email protected] to place your to-go order. (Please place to-go orders at least 24 hours in advance)

What about children and youth? Children and youth can participate in programs until 7:30 pm.


This group will be open to anyone with weekly, self-contained curriculum that does not require prior attendance. The Step 1 group will be the most accessible group for anyone who can not make long term commitments. This group may be large with opportunities for break out groups for discussion and prayer together. Each week will have a new topic for discussion. Therefore, anyone can come and join in at anytime.


These groups are the first step in making a commitment to a group. Each group will meet for 6-8 weeks to study a common curriculum. These can range from Bible Studies, Parenting Classes, Healing and Wholeness, Seasonal Topics, etc. Step 2 groups are not lecture based but encourage group discussion and participation. We will have several blocks of Step 2 groups offered through out the year. If you miss out on a Step 2 group, there will be more of them starting soon. As a group comes to a close, members have the option to join a new Step 2 group or consider becoming a step 3 group.


Covenant groups are made of responsible persons who are taking ownership of their spiritual development and seeking a long-term commitment from group members. The church will still act as a resource for these groups. The expectations of group members is to be prepared for each gathering, actively participate, listen gracefully to each other, pray for another, and encourage one another to put their spiritual gifts to use in the world around them.