Who We Are

If you’re looking for a church where you feel totally welcome and appreciated for just being yourself, then Lakewood United Methodist Church is the church you’re looking for.

It is a church of open hearts, open minds and open doors for people looking to connect, grow, serve and care through genuine Christian faith and a loving community.

Since 1953, when the church was founded, many have become a part of our family of faith. If you were to ask them why they attend, they would likely tell you it’s because they have found Lakewood to be a warm, loving body of believers. And they’ll also tell you they come because of our dynamic children and youth ministries. Still others may say they come to experience God on Sunday mornings in our joyful and uplifting worship services.

We invite you to come as you are…regardless of where you are in your faith journey. Come and see what God has for you at Lakewood.

We gather on Sundays for worship and on Wednesday evenings (Sept. – May) for a meal together and small-group studies. We have opportunities to serve inside the church and in the surrounding community.

There is a place for you here at Lakewood and we would love for you to visit us. Maybe you’ve tried church before and just didn’t connect. Come and give us a try . . . you just might find that our Lakewood family is the church home for you!

Lakewood UMC’s Covenant

We, the people of Lakewood UMC pledge to:

• Seek God’s will in all things. (Rom. 12:1-2)

• Serve God humbly and enthusiastically. (Rom. 12:3, 11)

• Surrender our fears and embrace hope. (Rom. 12:12)

• Support each other with the love of Christ. (Rom. 12:16)

• Share our faith in the name of Christ. (Philemon 1:6)

Our Team

Our Beliefs

Worship Times


Youth & Kids

Next Steps

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